Innovation in 16-19 Study Programmes

This project, funded under the DfE Sharing Innovative Approaches and Overcoming Barriers in Delivering 16-19 Study Programmes is designed to support and enhance the development of these programmes.  It draws on innovative practice in delivering high quality 16 – 19 Study Programmes, using a Think Tank to set the basis for a Dissemination Conference. The main focus for this Project is on two of the ‘Sharing innovative Practice’ strands:

–     Effective strategies to embed study programme principles

–     teacher / leader experiences of how innovation has worked

This project will:

  1. identify innovative practice in a range of colleges from within the Eastern Region where we know that real progress is being made with 16-19 Programmes of Study
  2. include the colleges and other providers who contributed to the ACER Project in 2013, “Sharing Innovative Approaches to Implementing 16-19 Study Programmes”
  3. Use a four stage approach to gathering, analysing and using knowledge about what works to help more schools, colleges and providers to make New Programmes of Study work well, as intended by the Wolf report reforms

The four – stage approach is:

  1. A seminar with invited FE staff, to understand how innovation is working with respect to the overall programmes and to the elements of maths and English; enrichment and individualised programmes; working with employers; the use of ICT in new Programmes of Study. We would very much hope that DfE and Ofsted officials would be able to attend the Seminar
  1. A paper arising from the Seminar to set the scene for:
  1. A one-day conference for 60 delegates from 40+ colleges, schools and other 16-19 providers to establish what works, how it works and what others can do to make the implementation of Study Programmes a success. Again, as detailed below, we would very much hope DfE and Ofsted could address this conference and be a part of the day’s activities
  1. A toolkit will be developed from the conference and from the contributing colleges to create resources that others can use to help them implement new Study Programmes more effectively and with greater speed.

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